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After sharing some steam in the sauna, Bailey and Mia like to make their own steam... with each other. These two sexy brunettes really like each other and cannot wait to heat things up whenever they are together. Mia wastes no time getting down to business as she licks and fingers Bailey's sweet, tight pussy. Bailey is already exited so it doesn't take long for her cum deep and hard. But she wants to return the favor... only Bailey likes to take her time and does just that... and Mia does not mind at all. In fact, she enjoys every second of it... especially because Bailey really knows what Mia likes and does it all very well... from tender kisses to... well, we won't spoil it for you. You'll just have to check out for yourself what makes Mia want to cum... but we'll give you a hint... Bailey has a lot to do with it... enjoy! :)

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